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★ Liked “The Bullshit Web

An honest web is one in which the overwhelming majority of the code and assets downloaded to a user’s computer are used in a page’s visual presentation, with nearly all the remainder used to define the semantic structure and associated metadata on the page.

★ Liked “Doing Nothing

Push your mind out of a rut.

This is important. I need to do this more often.

★ Liked “Dave Winer on the decrentralized web

I think the “decentralized web” can’t be anything other than the web itself.

★ Liked “The Outline “slams” media for overusing the word

It’s all about courting our love of sensation; nobody is really getting hurt.

★ Liked “The conventional wisdom about not feeding trolls makes online abuse worse

The story of the internet has always been the same story: disaffected young men thinking their boorish and cruel behavior was justified or permissible.

And it was always wrong.

★ Liked “‘The discourse is unhinged’: how the media gets AI alarmingly wrong

“Making real progress in AI requires a public discourse that is sober and informed,” Lipton says. “Right now, the discourse is so completely unhinged it’s impossible to tell what’s important and what’s not.”